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Established in 2007, A.J.O. Group provides comprehensive design-build services for commercial and residential structural seismic upgrades & remodels. We have the skilled team and tools to deliver a full Design-Permitting-Construction package, start to finish. Our experience in both Structural Engineering and General Contracting fields allows us to employ an optimal approach to the design as well as construction phases of every project.

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Consult & Design

Our goal is optimized design with reduced construction cost. Very often minor adjustments in the architectural design during the preliminary phases lead to a simplified structural frame and therefore a cost-effective design.  As well, we have the expertise to assess the practicality of any design, taking into consideration both structural feasibility and City Code allowances.

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Permit Processing

While the design of any structural system is vitally important, obtaining approval by the deciding authorities is equally so. Navigating permit processing through all departments is a key factor to guaranteeing a timely and smooth project. With over 15 years of experience in processing permit applications through the San Francisco Bay Area City departments, we offer fast and reliable application processing to all our clients.

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With decades of combined experience in the construction industry, we provide start-to-finish services for structural and seismic upgrades for residential and commercial buildings, including Soft Story retrofits. Combined Engineering and Construction expertise allow us to complete over 95% of our projects with no change orders during construction.  Throughout the process you’ll be updated with detailed multimedia progress reports.  



Having completed over 140 seismic upgrades in the Bay Area, we’re here to make the process seamless -- from Design to Permitting to Construction.  After a worry-free experience, you’ll be left with the reassurance that your building and its occupants are safer from seismic disruption.

DESIGN/PERMITTING From site visit to approval by the City:  about 1 month  

CONSTRUCTION  Start-to-finish for seismic retrofits:  average 6-8 weeks  


We take pride in streamlining the design and construction process, eliminating client stress and ensuring your project is completed on schedule. You’ll never be left having to navigate the permitting process - we take care of everything.  Nor will you find construction taking months longer than anticipated.  We stand by our promises, and our satisfied repeat clients are a warranty of service quality and reliability.

Site Visit

Initial on-site visit and expert consultation to evaluate your building's seismic needs and discuss options.


A detailed quote and estimated timeline will be provided. Over 95% of our projects have been completed with no change orders.


Our skilled designers provide comprehensive structural engineering drawings. 


With over 15 years successfully navigating Bay Area building departments, we've established ourselves as a responsible and detailed company that cities like to work with.


We build to highest industry standards of safety/strength while maintaining clean, efficient design.  You'll be continually updated with detailed multimedia progress reports.



Happy clients are a warranty of service quality and reliability.  We provide 100+ references from previous clients that can confirm we deliver what we promise.  Check us out on Yelp!



The firm's Principal, Giuseppe Sircana (licensed engineer in CA, NV, TX and Italy and licensed general contractor in CA), has been practicing structural engineering and construction since 1997 and has been directly responsible for a multitude of project types including condominiums, multi-family housing, hotels, commercial and office buildings, and seismic retrofits of all sorts.

Led by our experienced foremen, the A.J.O. Group crew is highly skilled, efficient, consistent, and careful to complete all work to exacting standards.  Unlike common industry practice, we offer all employees competitive pay and full benefits including paid leave, medical/dental/vision, and retirement.

AJO Group Team!
AJO Group Team!

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AJO Group Team!
AJO Group Team!

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Interested in having A.J.O. Group handle your seismic upgrade or other construction project?  Reach out to us and we'll be in touch to set up a site visit.

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A.J.O. Group is always looking for talented  members of our construction crew.  We offer full benefits and paid leave.  Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you're interested in becoming part of our team.  

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